New music video – Í TOKUNI


Have you seen the new music video Í TOKUNI directed by Heiðrik á Heygum? This is the third time that Eivør collaborates with Heiðrik who also directed the videos for True Love and Rain.

Í TOKUNI means IN THE FOG and is inspired by a scary childhood memory of Eivør’s. She went for a walk up the mountain called Støðlafjall, and on her way back down – in the valley on the other side of the mountain – she got lost in the fog. It took her several hours to find her way back home.

The spectacular mood and scenery have been captured in Sornfelli and Leynasandur in the Faroe Islands in cooperation with producer Rúna Ingunardóttir, Miriam & Janus – who designed the clothes and did the styling and make-up artists/hairdressers Laila Carlsen & Barbara Capharro, who did the face paint.

List of credits:
Director: Heiðrik á Heygum
Producer: Rúna Ingunardóttir
Director of Photography: Louise McLaughlin
Costume Designer & Stylist: Miriam & Janus
1st Assistant Camera & Gaffer: Rógvi Rasmussen
2nd Assistant Camera: Hákun Nicodemus Nón
Editor: Mark Bukdahl
Visual Effects: Johannus E. Johansen
Color Grader & Visual Effects: Katrin Amalia Winther
Drone Operator: Polar Films Entertainment
Wind Dancer: Kristina Jansdóttir Thomsen
Seamstress: Kristina Glyvradal
Hair & Makeup: Laila Carlsen & Barbara Capharro
Production Assistant & Crane Rig: Baldur Meitil
Truck Operator: Christian Dan Sørensen
Set Runners: Beinir Rasmussen, William Bærentsen & Edvard Muller

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