Pre-order Eivør’s new album bridges

eivor_cd_label_finalLately Eivør has been working on her upcoming album and the last few weeks she’s been putting the final touch on nine brand new songs. Bridges is the name of the new album and the recordings took place earlier this year at Studio Bloch, which is located in an old … Read the rest


E3In December Eivør will play three duo concerts in the Faroe Island. For the last two years Eivør has been touring all over Europe together with the great musician Mikael Blak to present songs from her last album. Now the turn has come to the Faroe Islands where this intimate … Read the rest

Eivør plays exclusive Hoyma concerts at the G! Festival

eivor G!This years G! Festival offers an exclusive opportunity to experience a special acoustic living room concert with Eivør.

Eivör and the G! Festival have a long history together. The festival is situated in her home village of Syðrugøta, with the main stage on the beach that Eivør played as a … Read the rest